Thank you for your interest in our loyalty programme.

Please note that the terms of our People’s Card have been updated as of November 1, 2022.

Click here to submit a People’s Card application form to be processed. Once the People’s Card application process is complete, you will be contacted when your new card is ready for collection.  

What are the benefits of a People’s Card?

  • More targeted promotions and deals based on your unique buying requirements
  • Easily accessible and redeemable rewards
  • The ability to join an additional club based on your areas of interest or profession
  • Access to our People’s Insider Network for advanced notices on sales and promotions

When can I use my People’s Card?

You can begin to use this card, with every transaction, on the day you collect your People’s Card. To earn and/or redeem points, present your People’s Card to the sales associate, at the register, at any point during your transaction; however, please note you will not be able to obtain or redeem points once the transaction has concluded. Don’t forget to show your People’s Card with every purchase.

How does my People’s Card Benefit Me?

As a member of our loyalty programme you collect reward dollars on all purchases made in store. Your purchases ($ spent) accumulate to earn reward dollars ($ earned).

  • For every $100.00, you spend you earn a $1.00 reward.
  • You may redeem your reward once you have spent $100 or choose to accumulate rewards – e.g. After spending $500.00, you will have $5.00 in rewards.
  • You may redeem a maximum of $50.00 in rewards in any one transaction.
  • You will not be able to accumulate more rewards once you have hit the $50.00 maximum. At that point you will have to redeem all or a portion of the $50.00 reward as the system will not allow you to continue to earn rewards exceeding the $50.00 limit.

Items which do not earn Loyalty points during purchases:
Batteries, Books, Calendars, Calling Cards, Camera/Film, Cellphone Top-Ups, Cigarettes, Easy Park Devices, Easy Park Top-Ups, Deli Items, Gift Cards, Greeting Cards, Magazines, Newspapers, Prescriptions, Video Games and People’s Pharmacy Service Charges.