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This position is responsible for ensuring items are stored correctly in designated spaces, receiving inventory with accuracy, and completing business deliveries. This position must liaise with the Warehouse Lead and Logistics Manager to ensure all inventory is received and processed, for the shop floor, in a timely manner.


  • A minimum of one years’ experience working in a warehouse environment is preferred.
  • Must be competent in computer skills such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Must possess a Bermuda High School Certificate/Diploma or GED as well as a valid Driver’s license for Light Truck and no demerit points.



  • Storing merchandise in designated locations in a neat and orderly manner and transporting merchandise between off-site facilities as required.
  • Following merchandising procedures for selecting daily products (newspapers, chips, drinks) for all People’s Pharmacy locations. Assist Merchandisers when large orders need to be processed quickly.
  • Processing shop floor requests from Merchandisers by picking goods to replenish retail shelves and restocking excess merchandise returned by Merchandisers in designated locations.
  • Reporting any damaged products to the Warehouse Lead and/or Merchandising Lead.
  • Preparing for inventory deliveries by liaising with Warehouse Lead to discuss clearing space in designated areas to ensure timely trucking and merchandising.
  • Collaborating in the development, implementation, and consistent application of inventory management procedures to meet sales turnover targets; performing perpetual and annual physical inventory counts; investigating stock variances and speak with Warehouse Lead to find remedial actions as required.


  • Following all Receiving Procedures for respective categories of goods, to ensure all goods are accurately entered into the Celerant Inventory System.
  • Following Pharmaceutical Receiving Procedures to ensure goods are accurately received per the invoice and secured using best practices,
    within the Pharmaceutical Cage.
  • Communicate any missing information required for the database to the Purchasing Team or a designate, for resolution.
  • Enter order information into Smartsheet.


  • Ensure business deliveries are made on the designated days

This position is responsible for developing creative visual concepts to build attractive store displays. You will encourage and educate customers about products to assist with sales. As creative and innovative thinkers, you will use your skills in visual design and space utilization to enhance the aesthetic appeal of window displays, walkways, counters and in-store displays.


  • A minimum of two (2) years’ experience in merchandising in a fast-paced retail, hospitality, or other customer service industry.
  • Must be competent in computer skills such as Microsoft excel, Microsoft word and Microsoft outlook.
  • Must possess a Bermuda High School Diploma/Certificate, GED or equivalent.



  • Research current industry trends and remain on the cutting edge of visual design and merchandising.
  • Monitor retail floor stock levels and replenish shelves according to the training standards of People’s.
  • Liaise with the warehouse team for required products and volume necessary to replenish the floor.
  • Vet products already on the shelf and those to be put out, to ensure condition is appropriate for sale: report or return damaged or expired products to the warehouse clearly labeled.
  • Communicate with marketing teams to establish strategies and design concepts for product launches and displays.
  • Create attractive concepts that align with People’s brand to be used in-store signage and on social media platforms.
  • Communicate information on fast moving, slow moving and dead stock to your direct manager.
  • Participate in meetings with other departments to determine areas to be addressed and improved upon.


  • Complete daily pick sheets and merchandising sheets in an efficient manner once received.
  • Communicate with Merchandiser supervisor on projects, delays, product movement.
  • Prioritize essential, seasonal and/or dated items are merchandised in order.
  • Ensure that all work areas are kept clean and merchandise is packed away in designated areas or labelled if necessary.
  • Collaboratively develop strategic merchandising and logistic initiatives; assessing current merchandising operations to ensure maximum utilization of existing space and resources; identifying issues and developing and implementing remediation plans.
  • Collaborating with the Warehouse Lead to ensure all warehouses are kept clean and organized daily. All products are packed away in designated areas and can easily be located.


  • Welcome customers according to the customary standards of People’s, ensuring their shopping experience is unparalleled.
  • Accurately and efficiently operate the point of sale (POS) register during breaks, staff shortages and peak seasonal periods.
  • Maintain the appearance and cleanliness of the retail floor, including POS station and merchandise areas, ensuring shelves, merchandise and workspaces are properly wiped clean using the recommended liquid cleaning solution.
  • Inform customers of our Loyalty program and encourage signup which will ensure the majority of sales have a customer attached.
    Regularly promote customer incentives, programs, sales, general and seasonal merchandise: introduce latest/new products.
  • Respond to customer/staff concerns and queries with a polite and helpful approach to facilitate product selection or retrieval from the warehouses.
  • Assist with answering phone calls by following the People’s standard. All calls should be answered by the third ring. Communicating clearly to customers in store or on the phone if there is a delay with providing service.